MPH lists Thales and Alcatel Lucent among its telecommunications clients servicing project sites worldwide. Besides telecommunication engineers the industry seeks qualified computer programmers and electronic devices experts ...


MPH continues to work with big names in the Defense industry with clients such as EADS, DCNS, Nexter and Honeywell. It has deployed thousands of industry experts that have worked in areas of producing artillery, ammunition or integrating technology devices in the defense industry.
The Defense industry is evolving and there is need to increase security across the world that is threatened by political unrest and other unwarranted terrorism. The defense industry has to stay ahead of the game so is utilising the latest technologies in its manufacturing. This is making way for new skill sets and talent to work in the industry. TFSI, now integrated into MPH, brings over 30 years of its expertise in servicing the defense sector.
The specialized account managers are trained and equipped to source and deploy the right talent for this industry right from conducting background checks to analysing soft skills of the consultants that may be required to work on discrete and high security projects.