MPH clients are spread across the Middle East, Azerbaijan, Korea and Nigeria working with the best in the business including Alstom GRID, Areva, Abengoa, EDF-CIST and Wartsila to name a few ...


MPH works with leading water companies including Degremont and Veolia across their worldwide projects. In this sector the company has been able to make in-roads over the last few years and has successfully delivered on world-class projects. It continues to serve this industry with further zeal and build on its expertise.

Water is one of the most valuable resources on earth that sustains life; however it is also the scarcest of resources and does not reach many people for their basic daily needs. Governments and private institutions are investing millions to make available water to the world population by using technologies that make the water potable for several uses of consumption. In 2010 the world consumed 4,500 cubic kilometres of water this is set to increase to 6,350 cubic kilometres in 2030 an increase of over 40 per cent.

The industry requires skilled talent to work in the global water sector and MPH has been at the forefront in providing specialists in this field for worldwide projects. The company has built an extensive data base of professionals that fit into any role in this demanding industry.