Recruitment Tips
Becoming an engineer is like becoming a hero, as with great power comes great responsibilities. MPH wants to share some steps that you can track to ensure that your engineering career becomes everything that you have always wanted.
You got it! After years of arduous work, you have finally received your degree and you shared this moment of bliss with your relatives and friends. Now that you are graduated, you want to be independent and start earning money? But, what are the steps to look for a job? Here are some helpful tips offered by MPH for your first job hunt!
Your resume is an outline of your educational and professional history.  It is a document that you update each time you are looking for a new job. This is the key factor when making a job application as it underlines your personal details, your qualifications, your experiences, your skills and capabilities to impress the recruiter. Your resume must be your marketing tool to market yourself as the ideal candidate. Recruiters examines resumes in fraction of seconds so the document needs to be clear, concise and precise.
Congratulations! Your resume got noticed and you’ve been asked to come in for a face-to-face interview. But to nail the interview and land that job offer, careful preparation beforehand is essential. We all know how stressed one can be before an interview. So, you need to be ready in advance for the questions you will be asked, you will have more chances to convince the recruiter that you have the skills, knowledge and experience required for the job. Boost your chances of success with MPH, by following these advice on interview techniques.