Gas project in the Arctic region 2

Gas project in the Arctic region 2

Context and challenges

The newfound convenience of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) — a shipping lane located in the Arctic Ocean between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans — has made it possible for Russia to export the vast gas reserves of Siberia at lower costs. With the new NSR, Russia can carry gas on ships in LNG (Liquified Natural Gas). LNG is obtained through a process known as liquifying, during which gas is cooled to a liquid state, making it easier to transport. To create the process of LNG, the client is building a plant with different modules across six construction yards in China. When ready, these parts will be shipped to Russia for assembly.
MPH's expertise was required to face the many challenges this project poses. The project brings together an international team of Russian, Western European, and Chinese engineers to work in China. There are six different work locations in China while the client is in Russia, adding another level of complexity to the project. Deadlines are a crucial element of success to the project since the different modules must reach Russia before winter when the Arctic Ocean is frozen, making transportation impossible. Finally, the client faced substantial logistical challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Project Scope

MPH was helping the project move forward by providing full support with the Premium package contract hire:
- Sourcing and contracting expatriates and locals to work on the six Chinese yards on the modules' construction and commissioning.
- Pay salaries and taxes in China, in compliance with all the local regulations and laws.
- MPH managed and anticipated potential needs in logistics, human resources, administration, recruitment, payrolls, visas, work permits, relocation, and gave on-the-ground support to the client.

Client benefits 

The project benefits from the expertise and services provided by MPH thanks to the following:
- A dedicated and available team who managed different aspects of the recruitment process, such as securing skilled candidates and identifying the best CVs.
- By handling the project's operational support, MPH allowed the client to concentrate their resources and time on the task where they are most needed.