Gas project in the Arctic region

Gas project in the Arctic region

Context and challenges

This project is integrated, encompassing natural gas production, liquefaction, and shipping. It is also one of the most significant industrial undertakings in the Arctic region.
MPH, through its local subsidiary in Russia MPH Vostok, was tasked with working on the project to construct LNG modules for a liquified natural gas (LNG) plant with an output capacity of around 16.5 million tons per year. Production on the first of three trains began in December 2017. Later, the project shipped the first LNG cargo containing 170,000 cubic meters of liquified gas. Shipment from the second LNG train started in August 2018. In November 2018, the project commenced production of its third LNG train.

Project Scope

MPH helped on this extensive project by supporting the client with the Premium package contract hire services:
- Sourcing and selecting experts in the gas industry with disciplines/jobs required for the project.
- Managing payroll and tax processing, logistics, insurance, training, and migration support for fabrication yards in South-East Asia.
- MPH handles all subjects related to the employees' legal employment: correct and timely payroll, taxation, administration of overtime, leaves, and business trips, among others.
- MPH provides additional services such as medical insurance, health check-ups, cell communication, meal provision, relocation support, and professional training.

Client benefits 

The project benefited from our contribution in the following ways:
- With MPH handling operational support of the project, the client could focus their efforts and time solely on the project.
- MPH managed the staffing process, which means that the project can quickly mobilize personnel and avoid complex and time-consuming approval processes.
- Our client benefited from our international and local sourcing capabilities as well as our ability to recruit the best-qualified experts for both technical and non-technical roles, ranging from officer to C-level positions.

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