How to make sure that you have the ideal resume?

How to make sure that you have the ideal resume?

Your resume is an outline of your educational and professional history.  It is a document that you update each time you are looking for a new job. This is the key factor when making a job application as it underlines your personal details, your qualifications, your experiences, your skills and capabilities to impress the recruiter. Your resume must be your marketing tool to market yourself as the ideal candidate. Recruiters examines resumes in fraction of seconds so the document needs to be clear, concise and precise.

What makes a good CV?

Even though there is no written way to write a resume, there are some rules we need to observe when writing our resume. Your resume must inspire confidence to the recruiter.
Ideally, your resume must not be longer than two pages. You should not lie in your CV, telling the truth is the best way to be considered as a potential candidate. If the resume is fake or if anything stated in the resume misrepresents you, this can later be a blackmark in your career since Recruiters nowadays do conduct a background check as well.

Resume Layout and Formatting

There are many points you need to consider when crafting your resume. Here are some tips below:

The format
Format your text properly, so that your resume looks professional. This is the first thing the recruiter will see, then it is important that you make the right impression. A well-formatted is more likely to be considered by recruiters as it is more appealing.

Wordings and tone of voice
You resume must be written in a professional tone and must be error-free. According to the job description you must reorganize your CV by using the appropriate keywords as an indicator that you are the ideal candidate.

Covering letter
The cover letter must accompany your CV and it allows you to introduce yourself to the recruiter.

Brief summary
Start you resume with a personal statement of yourself and your expertise. Don’t go too long as you have the opportunity to expand on your experience further down in your resume and in your cover letter.

Personal details
Provide necessary personal details like your complete name, your address, your date of birth, nationality, your telephone number and your email.

Educational and qualification
An outline of your educational background and your qualifications are very important especially stating your highest qualification. Minor trainings may be skipped and needn’t be stated.

Work Experience
Use powerful words to express your daily tasks in your different work experiences. No need to mention your routine tasks but only the most important aspects that shows your engagement in a specific job. It is important in the description to show your skills and your value added.

It must be the shortest section in your resume, outlining your interest in life and your hobbies and not even mandatory.

It is important to mention the languages you mastered and your level of computer literacy.

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