How to start your first job search?

How to start your first job search?

You got it! After years of arduous work, you have finally received your degree and you shared this moment of bliss with your relatives and friends. Now that you are graduated, you want to be independent and start earning money? But, what are the steps to look for a job? Here are some helpful tips offered by MPH for your first job hunt!

Write a resume

A resume must be visually appealing to grab the attention of the hiring manager. However, creating a resume when you have no real work experience may be a challenging task. Think about the internships you have done or any volunteer work or leadership positions you help in your university or college. These tiny details may set you apart from other candidates who are also fresh out of a tertiary institution.

Include a cover letter

A cover letter gives you the opportunity to put forward your skills and motivations about the position. Your letter must be short-not more than three paragraphs and it must be appropriate for the job you are applying. Although there are many cover letter samples available on the internet, you must never copy them. A customized cover letter will help you to make a strong impression.

Build your professional network

  People sometimes find jobs through referrals. Networking is thus an effective way to get a job. Go out and participate in some events where you can meet new people and build your professional network.

Check the job boards

  Stay up to date on the latest vacancies by visiting job boards like MPH.  You can browse the jobs available and send your resume to our recruiters.    

Use social media

  Social media is one of the most helpful tool to find a job that you are looking for, as some companies use it to advertise job opportunities. You can follow the companies and investigate about the position. Also consider the fact that your profile page can be seen by a lot of people, including potential employers. Be sly and enhance your profile page, change your privacy settings and hide anything that you would not like others to see. Tools such as LINKED IN is used widely among staffing firms nowadays and its important to have your profile created so that you are known to the recruiters.

Search for a staffing firm

The recruiters at a staffing firm will be able to point you to job employers. They may also provide you with precious advices to make you stand out among other candidates. Please check our Job opportunities section ( to go through our various job opportunities and send us your resume if you fit any of the roles specified.

Prepare for the interview

You have been called for an interview?  Don’t panic! Reflect upon the questions that you could be asked during the interview and try to answer them. You can note them down in a notebook.  Choose appropriate clothes for the D-Day and speak confidently and naturally.
As a leading consultancy services organization, we at MPH do provide support to the candidates in reorganizing their resume prior to submission of profiles to the clients in a well-presented manner.
Now that you have all the tips, you can start searching for a job!