Employee Immigration Services
Payroll & Taxation
At MPH we have a strong finance team that takes local knowledge and rules on taxation into consideration when designing and implementing payroll solutions for our clients...

Employee Immigration Services

Every country’s immigration rules vary, generally marked by strict visa regulations and control and migration rules. At MPH we have over three decades of experience and in-country knowledge to take on this task to place workers on assignments anywhere across the globe.

We carry out diligent checks to ensure no delays or obstacles are encountered when handling this vital function of placing candidates, including:

o Qualification Certificate & Document Attestation
o Pre-travel prep, such as medical check up
o Visa and work permit applications
o Compliant and legal issues for entry and exit
o Ensuring that consultants have a pleasant experience when moving to a new job in a new country and the move is stress free for him/her and the family where applicable.

We provide further services including:
o Travel
o Medical Insurance
o Relocation intelligence
o Safety and security training as per country rules and regulations
o Emergency support