Gas projects in Qatar

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Gas projects in Qatar

Context and challenges
Qatar aims to establish itself as the top producer of natural gas. To achieve this, the Arab state plans to up its production — already up to a whopping 77 million total tonnes per annum (TPA) — by 64% in 2027. In line with this national plan, our client and one of the world’s largest Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) companies will be expanding its operations with investments of 50 billion dollars. MPH has been working with this client for more than 15 years, our experience in gas has been especially beneficial. MPH assisted the client on several projects in Qatar, deploying qualified engineering and construction professionals. MPH and its client recently collaborated on an offshore pipeline project requiring several supervisors and construction specialists. For their next venture, the client will be constructing 6 mega trains, each transporting 7.8 million tonnes of LNG per year.

Project Scope
The sheer size of this new project and the objectives attached to it require an extensive intervention from MPH: – MPH managed the recruitment process, hiring a large number of highly competent staff in the gas industry necessary to the project’s success. – MPH took care of consultants from different countries, mainly providing support for the various locations where the project is executed (engineering) and its final destination in Qatar. – MPH executed payroll, visas, and contracting process services for the consultants and the overall project management of the workforce.

Client benefits 
The client benefited from the full spectrum of our Premium package contract hire services: – MPH is specialized in the gas industry, having worked on massive projects in the Middle East. More precisely, we have many consultant experts in LNG, representing a vast opportunity for innovation in the sector. – MPH brought together and managed a sizeable team of professionals from across the world. Every MPH contract included the full board of human resources management, logistics, and administration services, allowing the client to focus on the results and the project’s progress.

Investments of more than
50 billion dollars in the project
Construction of
6 mega-trains
for LNG