Infrastructure project in Qatar

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Infrastructure project in Qatar

Context and challenges
To strengthen the security and legal mitigation of Qatar, a joint venture is developed to focus on technical solutions related to infrastructure and security. In order to build a sustainable and self-sufficient hi-tech solution, this organization’s core objectives in its projects are:

(1) to design and improve protection solutions for critical infrastructure (2) to conduct in-depth research and discussion on advanced technology development dedicated to ease manpower movement (3) to strengthen the country’s capabilities by supplying and delivering infrastructure and security materials

Project Scope
MPH has been involved in the full spectrum of consultants’ mobilization: -Recruitment of individuals with the right set of skills as required by the project -Management of legal paperwork and set-up: contracts, visa, training, and payroll services  

Client Benefits
-MPH is able to mobilize 8 consultants from 2020 until 2021 at their head office in Qatar. -MPH has delivered the full spectrum of our Premium package contract hire services, from bringing together the best specialists, managing human resources, to payroll and after project duties, allowing the client to focus on the results and the project’s progress.

2 years