Major oil extraction operator in Qatar

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Major oil extraction operator in Qatar

Context and challenges
Since July 2017 and for the next 22 years, the same company will be the giant Al-Shaheen oil field operator in Qatar. Located 180km north of Doha, with 33 platforms and more than 300 wells, the field produces a staggering 100 million barrels of oil a year. Because of how expansive the project is, the company requires a large workforce both on and offshore to operate smoothly. That is why since 2017, MPH has been working with its client to hire and manage the relocation of contracted workers to construction sites across 4 countries: Qatar, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Project Scope
MPH was involved in all aspects of consultants’ mobilization from recruitment to after-project steps thanks to the Premium package contract hire offer that includes: – Recruiting individuals with skills spanning the whole range of the trade. The HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) sector, comprising engineers, supervisors, and intendants, was highly required. – Managing contracts and recruitment from mobilization to demobilization. MPH manages all formalities: visas, medical examinations, training, and courses vital for offshore work, offshore passes, plane tickets, logistics in Qatar (Heliport to travel to the platform, payroll, medical insurance, demobilization, etc.). – Setting up logistics, training, and writing documentation for workers, the majority of which work offshore. – Recruiting skilled workers from 15 countries worldwide: France, Great Britain, South Korea, Algeria, and Venezuela, among others.

Client benefits 
This extensive project has and continues to benefit from the expertise and services provided by MPH in many ways: – Since MPH has offices located in Asia, we manage transfers from Qatar towards countries like Malaysia and Singapore (and vice versa) while effortlessly taking care of matters such as visas, logistics, permits, training, and accommodation. – MPH takes charge of a significant number of business trips during the mission. – MPH provides medical insurance, visa work permits, relocation, payroll services, and comprehensive insurance to the client.

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mobilized since July 2017
Consultants from 15 countries are mobilized for this project