MPH assists Assystem Belgium in the Total Optara project

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MPH assists Assystem Belgium in the Total Optara project


Optara is a major investment for Total. The objective of Optara project in Belgium was to transform an existing unit and build a new one to adapt the production of the refinery to the needs of the market.
Total has decided to invest 1 billion euros to modernize the site and perpetuate its activities. This major investment will transform OPTARA into a new refinery complex, the production of which will meet the needs of the market. The OPTARA refinery will thus ensure the production of a very low sulfur diesel fuel.

MPH works with Total through Assystem on this project. They firstly combatted stiff competition to win this business. They were mandate to commission a team to work for the revamped oil refinery. The client requires Dutch speakers for this mission. During this project, MPH also provided insurance and contract to the candidates.

This venture is a perfect example of how MPH partners with its parent company, Assystem, works together to provide seamless service to clients. Assystem works with Total on many projects. MPH and Assystem offers as solution to propose local offers. The result: local contracts were proposed to the consultant and Dutch speaking salesmen to talk to the client.

This project is ongoing and two people were placed by MPH during this project. Feedback from Total has been positive and underlines the long-time partnership and trust between MPH and the client.