MPH Cementing the Line for LafargeHolcim-Al Safwa

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MPH Cementing the Line for LafargeHolcim-Al Safwa

LafargeHolcim-Al Safwa was set up in 2007 as a joint venture between Saudi Arabia’s Al Khayyat Group and French-Swiss industrial company LafargeHolcim. It specializes in three major product categories: cement, construction aggregates and concrete. In 2014, LafargeHolcim-Al Safwa announced the construction of a new cement line in the north of Jeddah, with an annual production capacity of two million tons of multiple types of cement products.

This project has been well underway and MPH was approached by the client mid-year in 2015 as they felt the need for an additional specialized manpower solutions company to fill several crucial positions for technical management and specific expertise.

In Saudi Arabia, MPH works closely with its local partner to offer unmatched service through its local partners’ extensive experience and MPH’s worldwide capability. One of the biggest challenges in Saudi Arabia is obtaining work visas and work permits according to the projects requirements; however MPH and its key partner, have invested huge resources in terms of time and processes to accelerate work visas and permits to meet the demanding requirements of clients. MPH took this as a head-on challenge and set about searching key personnel by collaborating with all its internal teams to source the best resumes in the business. Preliminary interviews were conducted by MPH Account Managers to shortlist the candidates for the client’s vetting. The first round was successful within days of receiving the brief; now the task was to ensure that the logistics and other processes were put in place to ensure a smooth integration of the new staff with the existing ones. The MPH logistics and Saudi Arabian teams worked closely with the LafargeHolcim-Al Safwa HR and Operations teams to obtain all the necessary work permits and visas for the potential new staff before installing them into their positions.

Four consultants from the UK, Azerbaijan and Egypt were instated as supervisors, mechanical and HSE engineers in the LafargeHolcim-Al Safwa Cement Plant. The client reverted after three months, commending MPH on the successful placement of the consultants. The consultants have displayed high levels of professionalism in their performance, exceeding the client’s expectations. MPH’s competitive edge, quality service and client’s commendation on a well-executed project give us immense confidence to expect further projects with LafargeHolcim-Al Safwa.