MPH Deploys Key Skilled Workforce at Lime Plant in Asia

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MPH Deploys Key Skilled Workforce at Lime Plant in Asia

Executive Summary
MPH was commissioned to provide key personnel at technical management to establish a team for a crucial project in Asia. The lime plant is one of Asia’s largest, with an investment of €170 million, and is scheduled for completion in early 2017.

The challenge, however, was to provide a full team of experienced technical managers within a month, as the requirement was to get the project started as per schedule and completed on time.

The MPH team in Malaysia was a key player in ensuring that the consultants would be on site on time and worked alongside the MPH Dubai-based worldwide operations team. Immediate action was taken in identifying experts that had served on similar projects in other parts around the world. The consultants would need work permits, visas and other logistical support such as medical, short-term and long-term accommodation. After interviews, each consultant’s resume and interview report were subjected to a thorough approval process, involving the client. The short-listed consultants were accepted in the first instance, without any hesitation. Perhaps the only concern the client had was that the team was multi-national and had not worked together before. The client believed that language might be a barrier or that there would not be a camaraderie that is required on site jobs. Any such doubts were quickly dispelled as MPH has a stringent vetting process which requires for a collaborative effort and soft skills of engineers to be also evaluated. Every department of MPH is involved, including recruitment, operations and the business development team, to microscopically look at each criterion. Furthermore, industry recommendations are validated with utmost discretion and guarantee.

The delivery of the project by MPH was on schedule, having successfully deployed five staff on site. There were two Construction Managers, one Automation Engineer and two Supervisors in Electrical and Erecting functions, who came from France, India, Canada and the Philippines. The client, impressed with MPH, has already extended our contract to support them with a whole team of almost 10 to further accelerate the commissioning phase of the project.