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Nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi

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Nuclear power plant in Abu Dhabi

Context and challenges
Our client is a nuclear power company whose objective is to encourage the development of nuclear energy in the United Arab Emirates. From its base of operations in the UAE, the company is currently working on constructing the first nuclear power plant in the Middle East. The plant has four Units that will produce a combined total of 5600 MW of electricity for Abu Dhabi. In 2020, Unit 1 has been completed following the highest quality and safety standards, allowing the commercial operation to start in 2021 with the capacity to produce 1400 MW of electricity. For this project, MPH, supported by its mother company Assystem, has been assigned to provide worldwide experts on full board to work on the project’s engineering, construction, commission, and maintenance phases.

Project Scope
MPH was involved in every level of this project, supporting construction, maintenance, and commissioning in almost every department. From our top-class CVs available in our active database, we provided Premium package contract hire with full board services: – Identify the best profiles to help the client hire nuclear experts from several foreign countries: United States, Canada, South Africa, Romania, India, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, etc. – Help candidates relocate in the country of their mobilization by managing all the paperwork such as the visa application, local and international logistics, all in-country services, etc. Our team of account managers stays available for any consultant’s request. – Accompany the consultants throughout their different missions so that they can exceed expectations and contribute to the success of the project.

Client benefits 
MPH with its mother company Assystem provided efficient project management services: – MPH provides highly qualified nuclear employees to our client, going the extra mile to find the right candidates for specific jobs within time constraints. – Full support across all project phases, MPH was able to follow up on the project from its beginning to the commercial operations.

reactor units
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Unit 1
fully completed