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Nuclear power plant in Finland

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Nuclear power plant in Finland

Context and challenges
This project is one of the two nuclear power plants which are operational in Finland. Scheduled to operate in mid-2022, this nuclear power plant will be producing a net power output of 1.6 GW, which will be Finland’s first online nuclear reactor and the biggest one in Europe as well. Through the commissioning, approximately 30% of Finland’s electricity will be generated on the island of Olkiluoto. Subsequently, nuclear power from all electricity consumed in Finland will increase from about 28 percent to 40 percent. On this project, in collaboration with Assystem, MPH is supporting the project’s commissioning phase by staffing qualified nuclear experts for the successful start-up and operation of the plant.

Project Scope
Our mission is to identify and hire skilled professionals from the nuclear sector worldwide to support our clients in successfully fulfilling their project requirements, which are as stated:
-Sourcing and identifying the right professionals for this project – nuclear experts from France, South Africa, Romania, China, India, Germany, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Ukraine -Facilitating smooth international relocation and settlement into the country of work by providing logistical support by securing work permits, accommodation, cars, flight arrangements, taxation, and other in-country administrative services from mobilization until the end of their assignments -Mobilizing a committed, high-quality workforce to support clients in the successful delivery of the project.

Client Benefits
– The client used the expertise of our highly skilled project team in supporting different phases of the project across the organization – Engineering, Construction & commissioning, Project management, Operations & Maintenance. – MPH managed logistical, HR, and administrative activities that increased productivity and efficiency of the resources to contribute to project deliverables.

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