Offshore wind farm in France

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Offshore wind farm in France

Context and challenges
Transitioning our focus to renewable energy, a wind offshore farm in France aims to supply power and electricity to 770,000 residents every year. With 71 turbines, this wind farm has the capacity to produce 500 MW.
The project is unique in France. Due to the Normandy-specific Sea floor, the client decided to use Gravity-Based Foundation to carry the 71 turbines. With a very tight schedule, the construction group operated and deployed more than 15 cranes and lifting equipment during the ground construction phases.
Assystem/MPH is awarded to follow and implement the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) standard protocols during the construction phase. Our role is to gather experts and lead them throughout the mission, ensuring an efficient and safe environment with zero-harm policy. The main challenges are to deploy the high standards coming from the Oil & Gas sector especially with all lifting equipment on site.

Project Scope
Assystem/MPH’s functions to help this project move forward are as follows: -Building and mobilizing the team -Providing construction management services through construction and assembling supervision and project commissioning -Adapting O&G processes and standards to the French CW environment -Representing the client on site without crossing the responsibility line of an EPCI contract

Client benefits 
-Our team of consultants are highly HSE-experienced and competent to carry out the project assembly applying all safety and security measures. -Aside from the HSE strategy and regulation, a policy of “Zero Harm Culture and Behaviour” is implemented on this mission and no serious accident is recorded on the project. -A French industrial group remained the sole and only responsible team for the construction works of the wind farm, and Assystem insured a good interface with the client.

MW electricity production
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