Railway in UAE

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Railway in UAE

Context and challenges
The second stage of a major railway project in UAE comprises of 605-km rail and entails the installation and use of modern signaling system called European Train Control System (ETCS) to connect Fujairah port of UAE to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia borders.
The budget for the design and integration of the signaling system, along with telecom and power supply, is 1.6 billion USD. The 800-km long 11 kV power system that this project will supply is set to be the longest distribution network in the country.
Once this second phase of the project has been completed and connected to the first phase of the project, which is a 264-km long rail line connecting the gas facilities from southern to the northern Part of UAE, this railway will create a transportation network that links the essential ports and manufacturing/production points in the Arabian Gulf area.

Project Scope
MPH has been entrusted the following mission to ensure the smooth operation in the project.
– Talent sourcing and market scouting to provide engineers and qualified professional for electrical commissioning services. -Arranging of logistics, insurance, and deployment of consultants. -Handling the contracting and payroll services of consultants, and full compliance to legal, local, and HSE regulations throughout the project.

Client Benefits
– As MPH is responsible for manpower and administrative duties, the Client is able to save more time to focus on other project matters. – Follow up consultations and full support on project execution to ensure the health, safety, and environment compliance to the entire construction phase.

KM railway freight line
Ongoing project until 2024