Solar project in Abu Dhabi

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Solar project in Abu Dhabi

Context and challenges
It is one of the largest Concentrated Solar Power plants in the world, and construction started back in July 2010. The plant’s operational output of 100MW began in March 2013, providing enough electricity to power 62,000 households. In line with the UAE’s long-term vision for new energy sources, this project provides a sustainable alternative to oil which has long been the region’s main source of energy. To support this project, MPH has been actively working with the client for the past 9 years to ensure perfect delivery.

Project Scope
We supported our client through different steps of the project, from construction to commissioning. MPH’s involvement in this project was at several key levels, using our Premium package contract hire offer as a support to accompany consultants during their entire mission. Our different missions were the following: – Using our large database, we helped by finding the best CVs and matching candidates’ profiles to the client’s requirements. MPH searched for the most skilled people from different regions of the world, namely India, Tunisia, and Algeria where we mobilized engineers, solar-field technicians, etc. – Mobilising people for the construction and commissioning phases of the project. In total, 23 people have been mobilized on the project from 2010 to 2019. – Delivering the plant in 2013. While part of the workforce was demobilized, the rest of the team stayed to handle the operation and the maintenance of the plant. By the start of 2020, the four remaining team members were rehired on the client’s visa.

Client benefits 
MPH actively contributed to the realization of the project. – Our team of consultants managed different aspects of the recruitment process, such as securing skilled candidates and identifying the best CVs. – By handling the operational support of the project, MPH allowed the client to concentrate on the project itself. – MPH managed logistics, human resources, administration, recruitment, and payrolls.

0 People
mobilized from 2010 - 2019
Project completed over a 10-year span
Construction of Unit 1 fully completed